Covid-specific Services

For clarity on state eviction protections and City of LA tenant protections, see this document from the LA City Attorney.

LA Represents offers free legal services to assist individuals and small businesses with issues ranging from bankruptcy matters, commercial leases, domestic violence, consumer debt, employment law and much more. For more information visit

On September 10, 2020, LA County launched the COVID-19 Safety Compliance Certificate Program (CSCCP) to further help educate and train business owners on the implementation of LA County's COVID-19 safety protocols. CSCCP is a no-cost training for business owners and can be accessed online through DPH's COVID-19 website at and will be available in 13 languages.

SafePass, a contact-tracing mobile app, is now available for individuals throughout LA County. SafePass will allow LA County users to self-report their symptoms for COVID-19 and receive notifications and alerts directly from the LA County Department of Public Health. Learn more at

LA CIty services

For graffiti removal, bulky trash pick up, dead animal removal, or abandoned cars, report it online at MyLA311 or call 311.

The City has a new traffic info service, including public transportation via dialing 511.  For more information, go to

Here are the other 3-digit numbers to dial for LA City:

211 – County Info
311 – City Info (or 213.473.3231)
411 – General Directory (Information)
511 – Traffic info
611 – Local phone company
811 – Dig Alert (call this FREE city service when you are digging on your property. For safety, they will come out and mark where all your underground gas, cable, electric, phone lines, etc are.
911 – EMERGENCY only

LAPD Wilshire Division

     MINC is serviced by the LAPD – Wilshire Division located at 4861 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019.  MINC regions are assigned a Senior Lead Officer or SLO.  There are three SLO’s for the MINC community.  You can contact the SLO in your area, or contact LAPD at 1-877-ASK-LAPD:


Basic Car 7A47 / SLO Ruben Gonzales – or (213) 793-0715
Basic Car 7A73 / SLO Charles Thomas – or (213) 793-0786
Basic Car 7A85 / SLO Hector Marquez – or (213) 590-5410

Please email for response first.  If it's an emergency, call 9-1-1

See the attached map for the areas which they cover (map shows area numbers which you can match up with the officer listed above).

elected officials

Council District 10: Herb Wesson

School Board District 1: George McKenna

County Supervisor District 2: Mark Ridley-Thomas

State Assembly District 43: Sebastian Ridley-Thomas

State Senate District 30: Holly Mitchell

Congress District 37: Karen Bass

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