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Neighborhood Council Elections!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Want to be more involved in local issues? Be directly involved in projects that affect you and your neighbors!

Liaise with city officials and local organizations and help them engage with your area. Be the first to know about projects or issues impacting your community, which is the best time to leverage change. Create positive change in your community!

Run for a seat on the neighborhood council! REGISTER TO VOTE FOR YOUR MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS!

Running for office

Seats open this election (single seat unless otherwise noted):

  • Business/Commercial representative (x3)

  • General At-Large representative (x3)

  • Organization representative (x2)

  • Youth representative

  • Region 4 representative

  • region 7 representative

  • Region 8 representative

  • Region 13 representative

  • Region 14 representative

Check the map below to determine which region you are in. NOTE THAT OUR BOUNDARIES HAVE CHANGED AS OF THIS ELECTION. Your region may have shifted!

Dates of Interest

Candidate Registration OPENS January 23, 2021

Candidate registration CLOSES on March 9, 2021

Candidate Filing PAPER Application and more resources:

Learn more at NC Candidate at our workshops open to the public:

See who's running!

Region10 NCs Important Election Dates and Deadlines:

Need help?

For general questions, feel free to reach out to MINC's Elections Chair, Liana Engie ( For questions on filing your candidacy or other official inquiries, contact your City Clerk Election Administrator and please CC Karen Hernandez (karen.hernandez (at) lacity(dot)org).


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