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Vaccination info & standby list sign up

Hope everyone is staying safe out there! Some information from the City about vaccinations, and a possibiity to sign up for the stand-by list at Kaiser Permanente in Baldwin Hills.

Via @LAPublicHealth on instagram

General Vaccine Information

The vaccine will be given in 2 doses and it is safe, effective, and free. This means that no one will have to pay for the vaccine.

To book an appointment you must be in an eligible group, in accordance with County eligibility requirements. Upon arrival to any City vaccination sites, you will be required to verify your eligibility to receive a vaccine. Currently only healthcare workers and persons age 65 and over are eligible for appointments at City Sites. If you have further questions regarding the vaccine, visit the City's vaccine FAQ.

Who will get the Vaccine and When?

The Vaccine Distribution page describes the phases and tiers of vaccination, with more information about how these phases may roll out. Green circles show groups of people who have been, or are being, offered vaccines. Red circles show groups who are waiting to be offered vaccines. These phases and tiers were determined by phases of prioritization developed by the CDC, and guidance developed by the California Department of Public Health.

Making an Appointment

Once you become eligible for the vaccine, you can make an appointment at city-run sites at To access appointments at sites across Los Angeles County, please visit where you can find an online hub for all of the vaccination sites countywide. If you or someone you know does not have internet access, call the County Call Center at 1-833-540-0473 between 8 AM - 8:30 PM for assistance making an appointment.

Local stand-by opportunity

If you are not currently eligible to receive the vaccine, it is possible to be put on a stand-by list for missed appointments or vaccines that may be expiring soon. If you live in the southern half of MINC, zip code 90016, the following may apply to you:

If you meet the requirements above, sign up for the stand-by list here.


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