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Emergency Resilience



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Mid City Disaster Risk Profile

  • Earthquake (High)

    • Shelter best available spot till shaking stops

    • Be aware of hazards

    • Shut off gas, water, electricity (fire prevention)

  • Riot/Civil Unrest (Moderate)

    • Shelter in place

  • Public Health (Moderate)

    • Communicate via radio

    • In the event of a pandemic, shelter in place.

    • Isolate/Quarantine as directed

  • Flood (Moderate)

    • Serveyl Ballona Creek

    • Relocate at risk residents, for example those near Ballona Creek, to higher ground, e.g. Nate Holden, Alta Loma, Washington Irving Library (UNNC), First Presbyterian, Smyrna etc.

  • Extreme Heat (Moderate)

    • All stakeholders advised to check on our neighbors especially young, elderly and infirm.

    • Cooling centers needed

  • Chemical or Nuclear Emergencies

    • Heed any warnings

    • Listen to public communications

  • Cyber Attack 

    • The threat of cyber attack is constant

      • Encourage board and stakeholders to be mindful (e.g. password vulnerability, phishing etc.)

    • In the event of a large scale cyber attack critical infrastructure including communications infrastructure could be disabled or compromised (e.g. LADWP, Socal Gas, hospitals, etc)

      • Deploy radio communications

  • Fire, Extreme Cold or Tsunami (Lower Risk)


After a disaster monitor transistor radio KFI AM 640 and KNX AM 1070 for updates and public information

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See Los Angeles's excellent Resilience Plan here.




  • Personal Preparedness Spotlight

    • Understand the Basic Skills at Home (several weeks)

    • Reducing Risk Exercises

    • Training

Community Interaction

  • Connect with your neighbors. Reach out and Help out.

  • Assets



  • Small business outreach

  • Links to other City Departments

  • Networks and Partnerships

Resilience Tools and Capacity-Building Infrastructure

  • Leadership Tools

  • Infrastructure Planning

  • Neighborhood Pods

  • Training 

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