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Neighborhood Purpose Grants (NPG)



Need funding for a community project, or 501c3, that serves the Mid City region?  Apply for a Neighborhood Purpose Grant. Here's how:


Step 1:

Download and complete the Neighborhood Purposes Grant form by clicking the link below.  Be sure to answer everything completely and include all require documentation.


Step 2:

Email the completed NPG form and required documentation to the budget committee at, and request to be added to the agenda for a review of your project.  Please keep in mind that your NPG request must be presented to the budget committee before being heard by the board and it may take up to a month for approved NPG's to receive funding, so it is important to start the process as soon as possible in order to receive funding.  Budget committee meetings typically take place the 4th Thursday of the month and completed NPG applications are due 10 days prior in order to be put on that month's committee agenda.  The board will typically vote on funding your NPG at the first Board and Stakeholder meeting following the budget committee meeting that you presented at.

(takes you to the LA City Clerk website)

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