Comprised of twenty-three (23) people, Governing Board members are chosen in general elections. Vacant seats may be filled by application and a majority vote of current board members. Elections are held in the first or second quarter of odd numbered years, spaced in two-year intervals. Region Representatives serve a four (4) year term. All othere Representatives serve two (2) year terms. Appointed board members fill out the term of the vacated seat.

     Board members are sworn representatives of the City of Los Angeles and must pass finance and ethics certification training. Neighborhood Council board members are entrusted to represent Mid City's interests to the Mayor, City Council and all City government departments and agencies and are tasked by the City Charter with “assisting in the delivery of city services” and “bringing government closer to the people” by holding public meetings within neighborhood council official boundaries and hearing the public’s opinion on matters of concern.


     The most recent MINC elections were held on June 8th, 2019. Board Members were sworn in on July 8th 2019. The next MINC elections will be held on a date to be determined in 2021. From time to time MINC has open board seats which can be filled by board appointment. Email and come to a stakeholder meeting to find out more.

To see if your address is in Mid-City, please visit and input your address. Scroll down to “neighborhood council” to see which neighborhood council the address is located in.


Anyone is eligible to vote in the Mid-City NC election as long as they:

  • Live, work, attend school, or claim a community interest stake in the Mid-City boundaries.

  • Are over the age of 16

Please note that you do NOT need to be U.S. citizen to vote in the neighborhood council elections.

open Board seats

Region 6

Youth Rep

At-Large Organization Rep

Julianna Lassleben

President / Region 4 Rep

Brittany Blackie

Vice President / Region 3 Rep / Racial Justice Co-Chair

Valerie Acker

Secretary / General At-Large Rep

Mark Prince

Treasurer / Region 1 Rep

Lora Davis

Parliamentarian / Commercial Rep

Birgitta Croil-Snell

Sergeant at Arms / Region 10 Rep / PLUM Co-Chair

Jennifer Liebi-Zelazny

Org. At-Large Rep / Outreach Co-Chair

Emmitt Rivers

General At-Large Rep

Ronnie Washington

Commercial Rep

Liana Engie

Organization At-Large Rep / NC Elections Chair

Abbey Springer

General At-Large Rep / Unhoused Co-Chair

Wendell Greer

Region 2 Rep

Lily Larsen

Region 9 Rep / Public Art Committee Chair

Roxie McClenton

Region 5 Rep / PLUM Co-Chair

Milton Sarge Hall

General At-Large Rep / Outreach Co-Chair

Leah Manjarrez

Region 7 Rep / Unhoused Co-Chair

Jennifer Goodie

Region 8 Rep / Budget Co-Chair

Montserrat Plascencia

Region 11 Rep / Budget Co-Chair

Nick Spano

Commercial Rep

Chin Thammasaengsri

Community Safety Liason

Cherelle Hartley

Commercial rep

Milton Kizer

Org. At-Large Rep / Racial Justice Co-chair



Animal Services

Lora Davis



Jennifer Goodie
Wendell Greer



Lawrence Klutse

C-PAB (Community Police Advisory Board)
Grant Pardee



Jennifer Goodie


Wendell Greer


Leah Manjarrez


LADWP-NC MOU Committee
Ethan Senser

Los Angeles Alliance of Neighborhood Countils 
Jennifer Goodie

Public Safety
Chin Thammasaengsri


Public Works

Jennifer Zelazny


Purposeful Aging

Roxie McClenton



Brittany Blackie


South Los Angeles Alliance of
Neighborhood Councils

Sarge Hall: Representative
Leah Manjarrez: 1st Alternate
Jennifer Zelazny: 2nd Alternate


Montserrat Plascencia


Liana Engie

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