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Request For Action

MINC requests immediate action on City Hall racism, corruption, and abuse of power

In a Brown Act compliant Special Board and Stakeholder meeting on October 10th, 2022, the Mid-City Neighborhood Council unanimously voted to support a statement requesting the immediate resignation of Council Members Martinez, Cedillo, and de León. We are also demanding that Mayor Garcetti and City Attorney Feuer ask the FBI to open a public corruption investigation into the actions around Los Angeles City Council Redistricting and the Appointment of Heather Hutt to represent Council District 10.


There is no place for racism, homophobia, bigotry, and corruption in Government. We need our elected officials to show that Los Angeles has a zero tolerance policy for the vile behavior, words, and actions exhibited by Martinez, Cedillo, and de León. The actions requested will not solve the problems with corruption and abuse of power in Los Angeles City government, but it will be a step toward healing the grievous wounds these three have caused to Angelenos. We will not be fooled or pacified by empty words of apology -- now is the time to do what is right and for these three Councilmembers to take responsibility for their actions and the harm they have caused and resign so that the City Family can start the process of repairing the broken trust and earning back the respect of Angelenos.


Our full statement is below.

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