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65+ Homebound Vaccinations free of charge

Announcement by the City of LA regarding vaccinations! All LA County residents over the age of 65 can get vaccinated, and as of April 1st, all residents over 50. It may be possible for you to get vaccinated at home. See the notes below for details:


Homebound criteria_revised-03-19-21
Download PDF • 55KB

If you are homebound according to the above guidelines, interested in getting vaccinated, AND not vaccinated yet, please send the following to

  • Full name

  • Preferred contact (including phone number of the best contact, e.g. family member; if we can have alternate/back up number, that would be even better)

  • Address with city and zip codes in separate columns

  • Confirmed interest in COVID-19 vaccination (at this time we are unable to accommodate requests for specific COVID vaccines, most likely it will be J&J)

  • Confirmed unvaccinated status

  • Any language needs

  • Age (optional)

We would need your permission to share the above information with DPH and our vaccination partners, who will contact you directly to schedule the appointment. The names of the possible vaccination partners to look out for at this time are:

  1. Anchor/Oxford home health agency

  2. Remedia

  3. your local fire department

Turnaround time can be anywhere from <2 weeks to >4 weeks depending on demand and LA County Public Health's capacity as we’re still scaling up. This initiative just began this week.

LA County Public Health is prioritizing those residing in “hardest hit” zip codes by COVID case count and HPI (health places index) – so some parts of lists may get vaccinated faster than others.

Please contact Mariella Freire-Reyes at with your questions.


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