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Adams Blvd Safety Project is coming along!

If you missed our Stakeholder Meeting on Monday, you may not be up to date on the changes that are happening on Adams Blvd!

An interactive map can be found on the LA DOT Liveable Streets website here.

Summary below, as documented in our meeting minutes. Pictures taken from LA DOT's Adams Blvd Safety Project website.

Marvin Ave and Adams Blvd final design

Between 2010 and 2019, 95 pedestrians were hit by cars on Adams between Fairfax and Crenshaw, and 45 cyclists. In 2017, Adams Blvd was identified as high-injury network priority corridor (about 6% of streets in LA have this designation).

In January 2020, new flashing beacons and high viz street crossings were installed. In the last year, increased community engagement on the project. About a decade ago a pedestrian crosswalk had been removed as it was deemed too unsafe.

On recent weekends the road was re-surfaced and slurry sealed by StreetsLA (their city sister department). Next is road re-striping (on going), next will be additional street crossings, lighting upgrades, pedestrian islands, and more.

  • Crossings at Marvin Ave, within 6 months: Palm Grove Ave, Wellington, and beacon only Thurman Ave (in a few years)

  • WANC got street trees to be planted by Bureau of Sanitation between Fairfax and La Brea. Looking for additional funding

Palm Grove Ave & Adams Blvd final design

They captured input from over 600 residents over phone, text, email, and online surveys. Not safe enough for pedestrians, cars going too fast, broken pavement, lack of comfort biking, cyclists using sidewalks, difficult to use wheelchairs or strollers. This represents 524 residents living directly adjacent to Adams Blvd.

New street design is symmetrical with parallel parking and a bike lane both sides and a turn lane. Fewer traffic lanes to calm the street down, and fewer lanes of traffic for pedestrians to cross.

  • Protected left turn lanes being installed: La Brea (complete), Crenshaw (2021), Hauser (2022), and Hauser (2022/23)

A few questions were asked at the meeting and this information came up:

  • Sidewalk repair is an issue for the whole city and is handled by Bureau of Engineering. Reports by mobility disabilities are the most impactful way to bring attention to the city. Make a request through myLA311

  • They will have a Bike the Boulevard event once everything is installed.

Redondo Blvd and Adams Blvd design concept


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