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Keep Metro Clean and Safe

LA Metro has launched a new awareness campaign called “Keep Metro Clean and Safe” to protect employees and riders from COVID-19 and improve the customer experience by promoting shared responsibility and mutual respect.

The new campaign started on Monday, September 20. As part of the campaign’s awareness efforts, Metro employees are inviting riders to be partners in creating a healthier, safer and more enjoyable experience. The “Keep Metro Clean and Safe” campaign focuses on three important rules:

  • Mask wearing. Metro is reminding customers to do their part and wear a face mask. Masks should cover the nose and mouth and be worn at all times when using public transit per federal law.

  • Metro is a no-smoking zone. Customers are being asked to extinguish their cigarette or smoking device to help ensure the health of fellow riders.

  • Metro is a no-littering zone. Customers should throw all trash, including used face masks, into designated trash receptacles.

Customers have consistently raised these concerns as the top factors in whether they continue riding the Metro system.

“Metro has heard our riders call for a cleaner, safer system loud and clear,” said Metro Board Chair and Chair of Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Hilda L. Solis. “This new campaign is quite measured and appeals to the better angels of our nature: we must all treat our fellow riders and our transit system like we would our own home, personal property or friend. We must all do our part to make our transit system cleaner, safer and more enjoyable for everyone who depends on it.”

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They also want to let rides know that they are here to listen to any insights from community partners regarding our “Keep Metro Clean and Safe” campaign on our transit system. Please email to share your thoughts with us.

For more information about Metro’s Keep Metro Clean and Safe campaign, click here.


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