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LADWP Urges Customers toStep Up Water-Saving Efforts

With extreme dry conditions facing the L.A. region and the state of California, LADWP has joined with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan) in calling for our customers to redouble their water-saving efforts. On August 17th, Metropolitan's Board of Directors declared a Water Supply Alert, elevating the regional water supply condition to the second most severe status level. While no new water restrictions were invoked, the elevated status reflects the urgency of the water supply situation and encourages increased conservation. Since 2009, LADWP has continued with Phase 2 of the City of L.A.'s Emergency Water Conservation Plan, which limits watering to three days per week. Phase 2 requirements include many other permanent water-saving measures. LADWP will continue to monitor supply conditions and adjust our planning efforts to as needed. We have also stepped up our conservation and outreach efforts, bringing back "Drop" to help get the word out to customers to save even more water. We offer a variety of rebates for water efficiency measures for L.A. residents, businesses and industries. View press release.


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