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May Stakeholder Meeting updates

Happy Monday!

If you missed our meeting or would like to review any of the information that was shared, you can watch the recording or read the minutes, below.

Review what occurred during the meeting

At the end of 2021 you may have noticed the new Recordings folder on our website. Unfortunately, as meeting recordings are too large to be uploaded to the website's file system, we are instead including a text file with the URL for you to watch the recording on your internet browser. This also allows you to view the video without having to download it to your local computer.

The written minutes are also uploaded in the folder with the agenda and materials for the meeting. When the minutes have been finalized and approved by the board, they will also be placed there.

The meeting includes updates from LAPD's Wilshire Division, LAUSD, State Senator Kamlager's office, the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, and Mid City NC's committees and a number of community impact statements.

Isaac Bryan's Office update

The Assemblyman's field officer anticipated missing out meeting and sent this update:

"Up in Sacramento, the Assemblymember has successfully passed all of his bills through their policy committees, and now they are going through Appropriations. Bills will have until the end of next week to get through Appropriations and head to the floor, where they can be voted on by the entire Assembly. If they pass, they will head to the Senate.

District highlights: the Assemblymember was honored at the Upton Sinclair Dinner, the annual Liberty Hill Foundation event, held this year at the Skirball. This past weekend, he spoke to high school students on the campus of UCLA as well as a group of interns and employees at iFoster, an organization which connects foster youth to services and job training.

This Wednesday, our office will co-host Westwood Connect Day, a day to connect the unhoused in the neighborhood to services. This weekend, we will be at the Palms Block Party as well."


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