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Reminder: give comment on La Brea bus lane project

Metro has a plan to make it easier to get aroundLA. It includes creating better transit. This projectworks to improve bus speeds, enhance mobility,and meet equity platform goals. To this end, they are working with City of LA to improve speed, frequency, and reliability of bus service. Nearly 6 in 10 bus riders live below the poverty line and 8 in 10 are people of color. Buses are a very efficient way of moving a high volume of people around LA, and bus priority lanes have been shown to improve bus speeds by 15% or more around the city and increase ridership by 25%.

Statistics about people taking transit on La Brea Ave, one of our local transit corridors:

  • Typically, over 12,000 boardings per weekday

  • 3 out of 4 do NOT own a car and RELY on bus service

  • Nearly 9 in 10 are people of color

  • 4 in 10 are below the poverty line

  • 95% take Metro at least several times per week

What is being proposed:

  • Convert curb lanes into bus priority lanes

  • Adjust parking restrictions

    • From the current 7-9am to 7-10am

    • From the current 4-7pm to 3-7pm

  • Buses would run every 7 to 8 minutes during peak commute hours

    • Improves the current frequency of 15 minutes

    • Increases service by 100% while the bus priority lanes are in operation

    • Provides 5-minute travel time savings each way from La Brea/Expo to La Brea/Sunset

  • Street parking would remain available:

    • During weekday off-peak hours (mid-day)

    • Weekday evenings & overnight

    • On weekends & observed holidays

This provides critical north-south mobility andconnectivity with E Line (Expo), future D Line (Purple), B Line (Red) at Hollywood/Highland. The corridor belongs to the City of LA's High Injury Network, which represents 6% of City streets that disproportionately accounts for 70% of fatalities & severe injuries to people walking. Over 100,000 residents & nearly 40,000 jobs are within walking distance of theproposed bus lane

The LA Metro is looking for feedback regarding their plan to convert a lane on La Brea Ave to a bus lane during high traffic times. Learn more nad provide comment at

From the LA Metro presentation last November. Still taking input though.


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