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Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP) webinar

May 2021's HCIDLA (Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department) workshop focuses on the Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP) in the City of Los Angeles. The SCEP program is designed to ensure the safety and habitability of the City’s housing stock by routinely inspecting all residential rental properties with two or more housing units on a four-year cycle as well as to respond to reports of property violations. In these workshops, learn everything you need to know to be prepared for your next SCEP inspection. The workshops will cover how to prepare your property for a SCEP inspection, what inspectors look for during an inspection, and possible outcomes for properties that do not meet minimum City and State code standards. The workshops will be presented by the Code Enforcement Division staff of the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA). Sessions will be via Zoom. The webinars will be presented by HCIDLA's Compliance Division staff. The remaining sessions this month will be on:

MAY 2021 - English 3:00 PM - 5 PM, Wednesday, May 19

MAY 2021 - Spanish

3:00 PM - 5 PM, Wednesday, May 12

3:00 PM - 5 PM, Wednesday, May 26

or call 213-928-9075 to sign up to attend


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