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Take a CERT Basic Training Class!

The first IN-PERSON LA CERT Basic Training Class will be taking place right here in Battalion 18. It's being conducted at the Iman Center in Palms, very close to Mid City boundaries. Sign up here!

The class will begin on April 7 and continue every THURSDAY NIGHT FROM 630-9P / 1830-2100 Hours. Classes will conclude on May 19, 2022. Please note that the following weekend, a mapping exercise is planned for the Westside Village area which will allow our new graduates to get some time applying their new skills.

Seating in the class is limited as we are still observing social distancing procedures. Our safety officer asks that previously CERT trained members REFRAIN from signing up for this class. We'd like to leave it for folks especially those coming through our NTP program to take. Previously trained members will have the opportunity as more classes open up down the line. Also, our previously trained members SHOULD be taking advantage of the in-person opportunities such as the monthly pop-ups to sharpen skills. Additionally, PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP FOR THE CLASS IF YOU INTEND TO ATTEND FOR THE FULL DURATION.

This is a momentous occasion for LA CERT and they are very happy to be hosting this first class. If there are any questions, please feel free to email Chin at


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