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Take advantage of our community fridge! [UPDATED]

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

[UPDATE OCTOBER 2021] Unfortunately, the fridge has closed and the host has no plans to open again. We would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to maintain the fridge for our food insecure neighbors and the host for dealing with dumping and other very difficult issues.

Did you know we have a community fridge? The Mid City fridge is at 5044 West 21st St, in front of the house that is part of Reach4TheTopLA. The Mid City Neighborhood Council contributes money for the fridge to be refilled by World Harvest Food Bank.

There is also the Lil Mid City Fridge, off of Pico and Redondo, sitting inside of Little Amsterdam Cafe. If you need food assistance or know anyone who does, please use these resources or reach out for more information on food drop offs in regions within our neighborhood. There are other resources in addition to the fridges!

Thanks to Reach4TheTopLA and our passionate MINC board members who keep the fridge running.


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