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Updates from November Stakeholder meeting

Did you miss our meeting on Monday? Here's a summary of highlights! The full minutes are here.

Alta Loma traffic situation

Alta Loma is having some serious traffic issues that are posing an imminent threat to the safety of students, staff, parents and community members. At the meeting, staff, teachers, and parents gave testimonials. Reported behavior includes cross intersection blockages, verbal abuse, vehicles being sideswiped, aggressive driving etc.

Mid City Neighborhood Council's Outreach Committee has been tasked with writing a letter of support to assist the school obtain city crossing guards. LAPD will get traffic officers to the school for both drop off and pick up times. They will also consider longer-term changes to traffic to alleviate the issue.

Thank you to board member Sarge Hall, who has been volunteering as a crossing guard in the morning around the school for over a week now.

Backpack Boyz response to neighbor complaints

Backpack Boyz are listening to neighbor complaints and have retained a new security staff, both ex-LAPD officers who would like to further interface with the community. They have been preventing customers from loitering around the store and will patrol around a few blocks to work on reducing the crime and littering that had been an issue before.

Cannabis Liaison warns

Lawrence Klutse, MINC's Cannabis Liaison, warns that there has been a dramatic increase in calls to Poison Control about illegal THC products that look like common brands. These contain synthetic, unregulated THC and there has been a marked increase in overdoses among children involving edible cannabis. The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported 2,622 calls related to children ingesting cannabis products in the first half of 2021.

Image courtesy of Ohio Attorney General

Mid City NC to meet regularly with Council District 10 office

We gave an update on our last meeting with the CD10 office, issues raised, and current status. We will be meeting with the office regularly -- every month or two. Discussed this last meeting:

  • City agency failures leading to local fire. Cleanup of the fire and repairs.

  • Meeting needs of the Electric Dr and Washington Blvd unhoused encampment

  • Nuisance businesses

  • Lack of response from Wilshire LAPD's Community Police Advisory Board

  • MINC grant applications for greening the neighborhood and improvements to Genesee Park

San Vicente Blvd Safety Project

A representative from LA Department of Transportation introduced the work to reduce traffic accidents and increase active transportation on San Vicente from Olympic Blvd to La Brea Ave.

Project goals:

  1. better connections between neighborhoods

  2. Slow speeds and improve safety

  3. Make it easier to get to schools and other high priority locations

3 lanes of traffic in each direction makes it difficult for pedestrians. They are looking to reconfigure with new paint after repaving. Create a separated bike lane and add a parking lane and maintain two traffic lanes in each direction. This moves traffic away from the sidewalk, creates separated space to appeal to a wider range of riders, and invites pedestrians to the street than we would see otherwise. Major intersection crosswalks will also be upgraded.

Vision of Health prediabetes intervention program

This nonprofit is dedicated to improving health through early intervention and gave a presentation to the board about their diabetes initiative. They are looking to enroll people who are pre-diabetic in a program that involves coaching, workshops, and follow ups to prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

Enroll, inquire, or take the risk test at or call Debora Wright at 310 628 4191.

Their presentation can be found in both English and Spanish in the materials for this meeting.


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