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Welcome your new board and officers!

Hello Mid City, thank you for your participation in the recent neighborhood council elections. You can see the current board roster at this page here.

At our July 1st transition meeting, we gave wholehearted thanks to our departing members for their years of service, dedication to community projects, outreach efforts, and friendship. Lora Davis, Nick Spano, Valerie Acker, Ronnie Washington, and Montserrat Plascencia, we look forward to working with you in the future!

Your new executive board is:

  • President: Wendell Greer

  • Vice President: Birgitta Croil-Snell

  • Secretary: Liana Engie

  • Treasurer: Mark Prince

  • Parliamentarian: Jennifer Goodie

  • Sargeant-At-Arms: Leah Manjarrez

Your Committee Co-Chairs are:

  • Budget: Jennifer Goodie & Laura Rhinehart

  • Outreach: Milton "Sarge" Hall & Jennifer Liebi-Zelazny

  • PLUM: Birgitta Croil-Snell & Roxie McClenton

  • Public Arts: Lily Larsen & Wren Brown

  • Racial Justice: Brittany Blackie & Cherelle Hartley

  • Unhoused & Housing: Abbey Springer & Leah Manjarrez

Our next Stakeholder (read: general) meeting will be held on the 2nd Monday of August so the executive board has time to prepare. Committee meetings will continue as per usual in the month of July.


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