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Keeping Our Kids Safe

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

New Los Angeles Elementary School Gets a New Traffic Light.

Thanks to the hard work, and persistent effort, of a community coalition from New Los Angeles Elementary faculty and staff, and the support of MINC Board Members, New Los Angeles Elementary is finally getting a new traffic control light at the corner of Washington Blvd., and Burnside. For months the process had been bogged own in delay after delay, as community leaders raised concerns for the children's safety at the uncontrolled intersection of Washington Blvd., and Burnside. After several rallies held in front of the school to raise awareness about the communities concerns, the city finally got the job done. Now parents and children can safely cross the street without putting their lives at risk. Thank you to everyone who showed up to help make this happen. Please drive safe, and remember to always slow down in school zones.


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