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Give input on proposed mural!

Now that our new Public Arts Ad Hoc Commitee has completed its first projects of Free Little Library installations and setting up an artists database, we are discussing possibilities for the next mural in our region.

Design considerations

We are leaning towards a design depicting the history of Mid City, flowing through time.

We are reaching out in need of any possible resources, contacts, articles, archives you may know of that relate to the agricultural history and geographical/landscapes of specifically the mid-city area and partly West Adams.

Before anything can be drafted we are in need of much information to educate & provide for the artist. We are hoping the mural can resemble a creative and fluid archive of this important history everyone can learn, share, and enjoy within the community.

If you have any input, please:

  • attend a Public Arts Ad Hoc Committee meeting on the 1st Mondays of each month at 6:30, OR

  • email l.larsen (at)

  • use the contact form on our website

Other details:

The committee is currently considering a few locations, including the Harcourt Ave I-10 underpass and buildings along Washington Blvd. We aim to have murals eventually on all I-10 underpasses in our region.

We have a muralist lined up already! Allison Bamcat is a Recognized Los Angeles Artist and Muralist, with approvals from the city to install public murals.


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