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Metro First & Last Mile Input for Wilshire/La Brea!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Planning on using the new La Brea & Wilshire Purple Line station once it opens? Give us your input!

When a new station plan is developed, Metro assesses the conditions of what is called the First and Last Mile, or an individual’s journey from their origin or destination to the transit station. The goals of the Plan are to identify barriers to accessing transit and to develop a plan for improvements to enhance the first/last mile portions of an individual’s journey in the station area. The process involves conducting stakeholder interviews, walk audits of the station sites, and hosting focus groups for targeted community input.

MINC's Transportation Liaison will be meeting with LA Metro's Purple Line First/Last Mile team and would like your input! This type of stakeholder interview helps LA Metro set the stage and gather valuable community feedback to incorporate in the final plan.

Email or submit comments by December 16 at 4pm for your notes to be included in the call. Feel free to send in comments afterwards, as we will strive to keep the dialogue going with the purple metro line team for the duration of the project.

Learn more at the LA Metro's website here:


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