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MINC awarded a LANI Grant!

In 2020, MINC applied for a Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative Maintenance Matching Fund Grant to assist with our Washington Blvd Beautification Project. It matches MINC funds dedicated to:

  • Replacing our bleached and disintegrating street banners along Washington Blvd

  • Planting native plants and building out a median along Washington Blvd

The grant organization put a pause on all grants later in the year, but we were just notified that everything is back on and MINC has won!

We plan for both of these efforts to continue into further years. We are starting with the western edge of the street and this will not be the only median planted in our green-poor region in the next years. We will work to continue dedicating funds to adding more art along the street, starting with these banners but with other plans in the works (hint: attend Public Art Ad Hoc Committee meetings to get in on planning a Mural Festival!)

Shoutout to board members Jennifer Goodie, Jennifer Liebe-Zelazny, Julianna Lassleben, Montserrat Plascencia, and Liana Engie for working on putting together a well-honed grant packet after walking the street and medians many times, documenting the current state of the banners and street, meeting with architects and local nurseries, and pestering every potential agency able to help move the Adopt-A-Median paperwork along.

Look out for more updates, calls to volunteer to help us build bioswells and plant natives in the median, and info on the Mid City Art Gala in coming months!


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