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Improvements to Genesee Park!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Get excited! While MINC is dedicated to increasing the amount of green space in our neighborhood, for now we have some progress to report on the spaces we have currently. A very dedicated board member has made focused efforts on improving Genesee Park since at least 2015. Thanks to her, the park received exercise equipment a few years ago, and is now upgraded with playground equipment, shade, and improved exercise equipment.

Projects Upcoming:

1. Walking Path

2. Fenced Playground Area - Safety

3. Fenced Dog park section - Safety

4. Fenced Outdoors Exercise Equipment - Safety

The park is not a dog park, and cannot become one until we petition the city council to change its designation. As many residents walk their dogs in the vicinity, the park will soon have poop stands and bags.

New picnic tables at Genesse Park

Inquiries have been launched to get improvements made to Mascot Park, so reach out with support for the local green spaces!

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Brittany Blackie
Brittany Blackie
Sep 27, 2020


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